ITG Travel


ITG Travel is a specialty air provider that for over 16 years has been servicing non-profits, churches, colleges and tour companies with their group travel needs.


The mission of ITG Travel is to listen to our client’s specific needs and then address them in a way that meets the uniqueness of their particular market.


The vision of ITG Travel is to serve each customer the way that we would want to be treated by providing great service, with unique terms, at fair prices.

Unique Experience

ITG Travel is a family owned and operated business.  We are personable people with a desire to serve you and your clients. Our desire is to know our clients not only professionally, but also on a personal level.  What your kids names are and what your hobbies are matter to us.  Our hope is that we could show you our difference!

Industry Membership

ITG Travel is a member of both NTA and FTA.